Understanding Digital Body Language in order to optimize user experience

Written by:  Adam Bowen from Fanplayr

Knowing when to draw your visitor’s attention to an engaging offer or message without disruption and in a manner that improves the shopping experience is key to driving conversions.

Traditionally, the job of retailing revolves around matching product mix to audience demographics. This means organizing inventories, displays, shelf space, brand and services so that audiences meet relevant products in a visible marketplace. This creates a thought process wherein retailers project an assumed aggregate persona onto their customers in order to better understand underlying motivations in hope of aligning the shopping experience with those motivations. Makes sense, right?

In the digital world, however, this approach often ignores the actual reason why each online shopper is there. What is she looking for? Does she intend to make a purchase?

Often, retailers attempt to figure out key demographics of visitors that they assume drive the decision to purchase, and then present menus that they hope will have appeal. They then validate these assumptions by A/B testing.

The approach is actually quite limited because it deceives the retailers into believing that their assumptions are correct (ie: women are more likely to buy from pink pages than from blue pages).

In reality, each visitor is there for a real reason – and their digital body language expresses that reason. In order to optimize the shopping experience, we must be as relevant as possible, and that means we must get much better at understanding that language.

About Fanplayr:
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