The Unveiled Secret for the Viral Share

In the past, “going viral” was far less accessible. If a company wanted to spread word about their brand, they had to wait for customers to come to them – advertising on large billboards or on television advertisements. But thanks to social media and the growing age of technology, channels like Facebook and Twitter have become extremely popular ways to share content, and grow a business or brand. Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only ones, of course. There are plenty of websites that are becoming increasingly popular ways of spreading information, and spreading it fast: Google Plus, LinkedIn, and WordPress are just a few. And don’t forget about spreading the word visually: from Youtube and Instagram to Vimeo, Pinterest and Vine, the opportunities to go viral are endless.

But going viral isn’t always just about clicking the “send” button as fast as you can, and to as many contacts as possible. Sharing posts, information and company or life updates is a skill, and one that has to evolve with the evolving technological world. Viral sharing is about understand the psychology behind our emotions – understanding what people want to read and why, and then doing the right research to balance out the equation. You want your posts or photos to be flashy but not too flashy, informational but not boring, readable but not excessive. It’s a delicate balance that will take a lot of time to perfect, but here are some fast tips to get you started:

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