GUIDELINES FOR The Rand Marketing Web Design Scholarship SUBMISSIONS

Rand Internet Marketing Web Design Scholarship SUBMISSIONS

The following guidelines are put into place to preserve the integrity of the scholarship application process professional and fair to all applicants:

All designs submitted for scholarship application must be the applicant’s original work. No clip-art or pre-made templates. No morally inappropriate, negative expression or pornographic designs will be considered and will be removed from any Rand Marketing social media. Any such violation will be determined in the sole discretion of Rand Marketing’ management and will result in the applicant’s immediate disqualification for scholarship consideration.

Any applicant’s fashion design submissions for this scholarship will be automatically disqualified from consideration if it may result in any copyright or patent infringement or a possible legal dispute for Rand Marketing as determined in the sole judgment of Rand Marketing, its officers or directors.

Each applicant who submits his or her design for scholarship consideration agrees and understands that Rand Marketing does not warrant, represent or assume any liability or responsibility for applicant’s artistic ownership of the fashion design submitted. Further, each applicant agrees and acknowledges that any design submitted whether posted by applicant in any social media gives Rand Marketing irrevocable permission to use and promote any such submission on their web site, in any social media, any publication and in any advertisement in the sole discretion of Rand Marketing.

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