A Magento 1.x Sunset is on the Horizon

Magento 1.x has been the lifeblood of many e-commerce businesses over the last decade, however, all good things must come to an end. With the release of Magento 2, software updates for the 1.x environment will soon cease.

This is expected to leave Magento 1.x sites stagnant, without new security patches being released to address newly discovered vulnerabilities One month later, PHP 5.x will sunset, leaving the vast majority of Magento 1.x sites vulnerable to even more future security threats.

Do Not Get Left Behind &
Risk a Major Security Event
Magento 1.x Transition
Program Offering

Make sure that you plan ahead. As Seth Rand always says, “Be proactive, not reactive.” Plan ahead to avoid being caught in the rush of companies looking to replatform to Magento 2 or another e-commerce platform at the last minute. Do not risk lost sales, ruining your brand’s reputation, mitigation costs of cleaning up after your site is hacked, or damages due to stolen data from a security hack.

Hire Rand Marketing’s team of Expert E-Commerce Consultants to evaluate your site and make professional recommendations to how to transition your e-commerce business.

  • Rand has partnered/affiliated with a dozen e-commerce platforms.
  • Rand has managed, designed, developed or provided marketing services on over 300 e-commerce websites.
  • Rand has provided Digital Marketing services for over 1,000 businesses.
  • Rand is a certified expert company in several E-commerce platforms.

Rand Marketing is offering a consultation program to have one of our skilled e-commerce experts (such as our CTO, Robert Rand) evaluate your current website and suggest the best possible platform for your e-commerce site, whether Magento 2, or otherwise. This consultation process includes helping to identify major areas of focus that you’ll want to address as part of a rebuild, such as your Magento 1.x Extensions, Data, Designs, Marketing Campaigns and Rankings, support and growth goals. With a tailored approach and a one-on-one session, we will be able to lay out exactly how to transition your website in order to boost your brand's visibility through the best recommended platform for your business, as well as a risk assessment of what to watch out for during the rebuild process. If you decide that Rand Marketing is the perfect fit for the migration, we will apply your consultation fee toward your website project, meaning the consultation was free!

For those that also wish to go through a more extensive Project Planning process, laying out a step by step roadmap of recommended tasks for a rebuild, we can also provide such services.

To book your consultation now with one of our experts, give Rand Marketing a call at 888-707-RAND or email us at info@randmarketing.com. For more information, please visit https://randmarketing.com/a-magento-1-x-sunset-is-on-the-horizon/.

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