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The Power of Reciprocity, and Why You Should Increase the Amount of User-Generated Content You Share.

Guest Post by one of our Partners, ContentBacon.

It’s the chorus, not the aria that closes the sale.

“But enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?” Bette Midler delivered that line to Barbara Hershey in Garry Marshall’s 1988 movie, Beaches. If you weren’t too distracted by Hershey’s cosmetically enhanced lips, you appreciated how apropos it was for the moment in the movie – but are you honest enough to apply it to your content marketing?

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JLB – Leading With Design

In August of 2017, Rand Marketing was acquired by Incline LLC–a successful business venture that led to the commencement of our company’s evolution. This new acquisition gave us the opportunity to join forces with JLB–a Nashville-based web design and internet marketing firm–and combine our E-commerce solutions and digital marketing practices with JLB’s managed services solutions. Additionally, to highlight the acquisition, we rebranded to JLB Florida–truly emphasizing JLB’s Joy, Life, Business motto. Both the rebranding and merging of services and solutions enabled us to construct a new and effective business model that takes our commitment to provide customers with top-notch designs, website development, and business class support to the next level. We are embracing our ‘lead with design’ approach that will ensure the best results for our customer’s overall Internet presence and brand awareness.


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