Candy Crushing It…Will The Candy Crush IPO Get Stuck On A Tough Level

Candy Crush IPO

King Digital Entertainment Plc, the creator of the widely popular gaming app Candy Crush Saga, is due to finalize their numbers for their IPO today. Experts report that it looks like King will offer 22.2 million shares at between $21 and $24 per share.

candy crush ipo

That’s a lot of red jelly beans!

There are plenty of articles where you can find all the delicious details of the IPO and you can hear all sorts of expert advice about whether the Candy Crush IPO is a good investment.

We’re going to go in a different direction today.

There are two things we are going to dive into in this article…let’s call them Commitment & Riding The Wave.

Did you know that King Digital has created 180 games to date?

Yeah, me neither.

Their commitment to charging forward towards their vision is commendable. No other game they have created has gotten near the traction of Candy Crush Saga. 2nd place goes to Pet Rescue Saga. While Pet Rescue has grown to 15 million daily users (no doubt part of that is riding on the coattails of Candy Crush), Candy Crush Saga has 93 million daily users and In the 4th quarter 2013, Candy Crush accounted for more than 78% of the company’s overall revenue.

While King release’s new games every month, imagine what it must be like internally at the King Digital office when Candy Crush started crushing it…literally?

They had 10 million downloads in a single month last year.

That’s insane…in an awesome sauce sort of way.

Imagine this happening in your business. One day it’s business as usual. You are doing good work for your clients or producing your products/services in the way you always have.


That kind of explosion in growth would crush some companies. No pun intended.

King must have had their internal systems and structures firmly in place to handle it all. For that, I commend them. It’s not always easy to do.

I challenge you to look at your business today and imagine what things would be like if you doubled, tripled or even grew by ten fold over the next six to twelve months.

Could you keep up?
Do you have systems and structures in place to handle that kind of ramp up?

If you don’t, get them in place now…while you still have time.

The Candy Crush IPO and Riding The Wave.

I am not going to comment on whether the Candy Crush IPO is a good investment…but I have to applaud King Digital for riding their smash hit straight to the bank.

They are in business to produce products people love (which they have clearly done – 93 million daily users) and to make money. In this case, for King Digital, that means going public.

In your business, that may mean diving into a huge project for a client. It may mean having to hire new staff or expanding your infrastructure. It may mean increasing your prices, improving your margins or finally putting more focus and resources towards your online marketing budget.

But when the increase in business comes, you’ve got to ride it for everything it’s worth.

Ironically, it’s when business is growing at exponential rates that most people find ways to put on the breaks. They are out of their comfort zone and all of the small, otherwise hidden holes in their business systems become illuminated.

In those times of massive abundance…that’s when you need to press forward and expand. Dive right into the growth and like King Digital is doing with the popularity of Candy Crush…ride your success to an entirely new level.