What You Can Learn from the Top E-commerce Businesses on Instagram

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Social media has become an invaluable necessity for e-commerce businesses that want to build brand awareness and expand their reach into a massive, global market. Maybe the goals for your business are more small scale and you’re not necessarily looking to go global, but brand awareness and engagement are still crucial.

Before you head to social media, it’s important to know which platforms are digital marketing performers for e-commerce businesses. Facebook is almost always the first stop, but there’s one other social network that’s crazy successful in building engagement for brands.


Instagram is a fast growing tool for all types of businesses, with 80% of accounts on the network following at least one brand. But, many smaller businesses are unsure how to make the most of their marketing efforts on the platform.

When in doubt, look to the businesses that have had massive success. While these brands are huge, there’s plenty that small e-commerce businesses can learn from their strategies. Here are 4 of the top brands on Instagram and how you can emulate their success for your own e-commerce business.

Whole Foods Market

To understand Whole Food’s success on Instagram, you don’t need to look any further than the core foundation of the platform – amazing, attention grabbing images.

For many people, it’s the experience that they’re after when they shop at Whole Foods. To have a successful e-commerce business, the retailer needed to find a way to supply the same experience visually.

Their entire Instagram account is filled with images that inspire emotion, creativity… and hunger.

The Honest Company

The Honest Company’s platform is built around the concept of safe, responsible and purely delightful products for those committed to living a healthy life. Aside from the adorably cute babies on their Instagram, the Honest Company also inspires consumers by posting motivational quotes.

This is a great Instagram strategy because it’s content that can be absorbed quickly but stays with the user past the initial exposure. Their posts resonate with their target consumer and leave them anticipating the next bit of wit or wisdom that gets sent their way.


Etsy is the well-known marketplace for creative types and the people who wish they were. There is an incredible variety of merchandise and artists that can be found on Etsy, which presents some unique challenges for marketing on social media. When your target audience so broad, how do you manage to appeal to all of them?

For Etsy, it’s all about leveraging user generated content. From the cute and quirky to resourceful how-to content, this is a brand that’s learned to lean on their audience for a winning Instagram presence.


You wouldn’t naturally think of FedEx as a company that would have a highly engaging Instagram page. After all, they’re a delivery service with a large market segment that doesn’t always fit comfortably into the Instagram demographic.

But, not only do they have an Instagram account, they’re absolutely crushing it on the platform. Their secret to success? Engagement. The brand is known to run campaigns searching for the best user generated photos. They’ve learned that finding a way to generate user engagement is key to building followers.

What’s your strategy for building engagement for your e-commerce business on Instagram? We’re here to help you build brand awareness on social media today. Contact JLB Florida and let’s work on crafting your e-commerce presence on social media.