Are You Prepared for Google’s April 21st SEO Mobile Algorithm Update?


With the wave of the smart phone revolution, Mobile SEO has become a popular topic. Gone are the days when we had to sit at a desktop computer in order to connect to the web, as most people today rely on their mobile devices to fulfill their search and browsing needs. This makes it only fitting for businesses to adjust and place great effort on servicing these consumers, so that they will receive the most visibility in hopes of gaining new business. The general breakdown of mobile SEO is relatively simple – Once your website is “optimized for mobile,” (meaning it’s designed in a way that makes it easily viewable and easy to wholesale navigate on mobile devices aka responsive web design), you are in the clear. This enables you to receive a small ranking boost in the search engines over sites that are not mobile friendly when it comes to mobile searches.

Google’s intentions are to make the web a more mobile friendly place overall. From what we have been able to gather thus far, this new update will be as significant as Google Panda and Google Penguin, which significantly impacted algorithm changes. In short, this new Mobile SEO update is creating a yes or no evaluation basis – either your site will be viewed as “mobile friendly” or “not mobile friendly.”

Most people just want to know, “Is this really an SEO deal breaker?” Well for starters, the general rule of thumb for SEO rankings has always been that desktop rankings would align with mobile rankings. Rules are made to be broken, so this will change with the new update by emphasizing mobile results for higher conversion rates.

In the meantime, to better prepare your business for the update you can: audit your mobile presence, optimize your key mobile signals, upgrade your website to be mobile responsive if needed, and simply just follow Google’s rules for making your site mobile-friendly. It is no secret, as technology and mobile trends continue to evolve, we can expect further SEO algorithm updates of this nature to roll out and shake up the organic SEO rankings.

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