4 Reasons PPC and SEO Are Better Together

Search engine marketing is generally divided into two categories – PPC and SEO.

PPC, also known as pay-per-click or paid search, can lead to instant results. Your brand is placed immediately in front of your target audience based on the keyword you choose. For each click, your budget is relatively easy to control. PPC advertisements are placed above organic search results, guaranteeing the attention of searchers.

SEO, also known as search engine organization or organic search, is completely free. You will, however, need a certain amount of skill, time, and expertise to make a difference. SEO aims to place your website as high on the search results page as possible. It requires linking, keyword research, optimization, and no small amount of patience.

While brands often find themselves choosing between PPC and SEO, these marketing options are actually stronger together. Here are four reasons why:

They Improve Each Other

Studies have shown that SEO-friendly web pages can lower the cost and improve the performance of PPC campaigns, driving more traffic for less.

This beneficial relationship goes both ways. Paid advertisements don’t affect organic rankings directly, but they can assist in improving organic performance. For example, the presence of paid search advertisements can improve the click-through rate for organic search listings.

Case studies have actually shown that search users are more likely to click on an organic result when a paid advertisement is listed for the same website. Consumers are aware that paid advertisements exist. But, while your paid advertisement increases your authority and trustworthiness, searchers would rather click on the natural option.

Partnership Increases Exposure

Even if your PPC and SEO marketing strategies don’t coincide, having two campaigns is better than having one. You’ll get twice the amount of marketing and, thus, more visibility with your base.

If your business appears regularly on the first page of keyword results in both advertisements and organic results, searchers are far more likely to remember your business. This leaves a strong, reliable impression that can be useful when doing damage control.

Sharing Data Informs Both Campaigns

Imagine the amount of data you gather when conducting a marketing campaign. Two campaigns means twice the information. This information can be used to improve both of your marketing strategies.

For example, if the keyword “divorce lawyer” has brought an impressive amount of organic traffic, consider investing in PPC for the same keyword.

Find Problems: Target Weaknesses

Every marketing strategy has weaknesses. When you invest in SEO and PPC, you can avoid the inherent issues associated with relying on either organic or advertising-based marketing, rather than both.

SEO, for example, requires patience. It could be months before you see results – and even longer if your keyword strategy is off-point. Using PPC, you can test keywords before you optimize your website, guaranteeing some form of success.

PPC, on the other hand, is expensive and temporary. It can be used for quick fixes, research testing, and quick traffic. Still, SEO is your end-game. It determines how your website sustains itself.

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