The 3 Ss of eCommerce Order Fulfillment

shutterstock_314094989Guest Post from our partner, Magaya Corporation / Logistico.

Marketing and selling products are only the first step for online retailers. What happens after the order is placed can make or break a company. At the beginning, the orders could be put into a box and shipped to the buyer with a little labor and organization on the part of the online retailer.

Successful companies eventually find themselves in the enviable situation of too many orders to manage internally and the need for a fulfillment partner arises. As you look for a provider, if they don’t provide the “must have” items below, keep looking. Partners with the “even better” items are ahead of the game when it comes to providing fulfillment.  


Getting goods from the manufacturer or owner to your warehouse is the first step in the order fulfillment process.

Must Have: Your logistics provider should provide you instant access to data when your goods arrive in the warehouse.

Even Better: A full service 3PL can even assist in sourcing your goods in International markets and clearing customs to get into your warehouses.


The marketing and promotion of your store comes into play before the sell. Once the sale takes place, the logistics takes over.

Must Have: Inventory should be updated across all channels instantly after a sale.

Even Better: Bundling products can offer the online shopper more options to meet their needs. A top-notch partner will offer the ability to combine multiple items into a box.


Fulfilling the final delivery promise completes the logistics side of the transaction.

Must Have: Fulfilling orders with multiple carriers gives the online shopper convenience in getting the items when they want it.

Even Better: Tracking and confirmation of orders needs to be sent to the customers so they are updated on order process.
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