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How to Earn Inbound Leads For Your WMS

In the lead-up to the holiday shopping season, our industry partners at SKUVAULT have provided some great tips and recommendations for driving new customers to your E-commerce storefront. These marketing techniques are not only in line with recommendations that the JLB Florida Marketing team make for many E-commerce website owners, but represent services that the JLB Florida team can help to provide you. We hope that this article, which is part of SKUVAULT’s Countdown to Peak Season Calendar, helps with your marketing planning and, of course, welcome the opportunity to help you plan and run such digital marketing campaigns.

Is Magento Community PCI Compliant?

Hundreds of Thousands of E-commerce websites have been built with Magento’s Community, Magento’s free open-source version of their online shopping platform. However, many store owners don’t know if their internet stores are transmitting credit card data securely, and following industry rules and regulations. In conjunction with our industry partners at X-Cart, we’ve put together a merchant-friendly look at what it takes to keep your customers, and your business safe when it comes to accepting credit cards with a Magento Community website.

Commerce trends for 2017

E-commerce trends form 2017 image of shopping cart from Rand the best in web design, internet marketing, SEO, PPC management, Support and more in Fort lauderdale, FL

Check out the commerce trends for 2017.  JLB Florida doing to work for you.  It’s safe to say that the online marketplace is only gaining momentum as each year passes. Over fifty percent of all Americans prefer to shop online as opposed to shopping in store, with this number only looking to jump substantially in the next coming years. So in order to claim your stake in this growing market, it’s important to tackle the upcoming trends for 2017.

Accept Credit Cards