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Why Self-Hosting Beats SaaS Publishing For Bloggers

Guest Post from Matt Davis at FutureHosting

Self-hosting offers reliability, accountability, and control over your own business model and content. SaaS is not the right solution for serious bloggers.

Software-as-a-Service is tempting for bloggers. Most of the work is done for you. All that’s left is to write and publish. The foundations of the service are not something that you have to worry about — no technical SEO to struggle with, no web hosting control panel, no DNS management headaches, and no control.



In November, we published a blog post about the worst Magento patch that we’d come across to date – SUPEE-6788, known to some in our offices as “the website killer”. It required significant work to apply this patch, which in essence requires Magento store owners to have us upgrade their extensions and store, and address all of the issues that can arise when conducting such upgrades. Other developers like Shero estimated that it “…took around 40 hours to complete” a Magento SUPEE-6788 patching and relevant work. While our team has been averaging fewer hours for this patch, Magento developers as a whole reported very similar experiences.  We hoped that while this was a traumatic experience for the Magento community-at-large, we might start off 2016 on a better foot.

Is Self-Hosting Your Videos On WordPress A Good Idea?

Magento 2.0 Has Arrived

Guest Post from our partner, Nexcess.

While WordPress is capable of self-hosting video, the bandwidth requirements make streaming services or dedicated video hosting services the better option.

Adding video to your WordPress blog or business site is a great way to communicate with readers (viewers) and potential customers. The web is still built around the written word, but video has become increasingly important, especially as mobile devices capable of recording high-definition video have become common. For some bloggers, video might be more natural than writing, and many people in our audiences would rather sit back and watch a video than read yet another wall of text.


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