The Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time


For some, the Big Game is all about the football.

For some, it’s all about the food and home parties.

For advertisers, marketers and media companies…it’s all about the commercials.

Why are the Super Bowl Commercials such a big deal?


Lots and lots of eyeballs.

In marketing & advertising, although exposure isn’t everything…it’s definitely a big thing. And no where is the exposure for sporting events bigger than the Super Bowl. It’s the biggest sporting event in the U.S. and one of the largest television events in the world.

How many people tune in each year? A lot.

At least 39 Million every year…and to get that low of numbers, you have to go all the way back to Super Bowl II – Packers vs. Raiders. A few years ago, they hit the highest mark of 111 Million viewers (Super Bowl XLVI – Giants vs. Patriots).

top super bowl commercials

The numbers from this year’s Super Bowl XLVIII aren’t completely in yet, but by every indication the viewership will be north of 100 million again. That’s 200 million eyeballs.

Well…almost 200 million. If Slick Rick was watching, that would be only 199 million eyeballs.

The average 30-second commercial is going about $4 Million these days. That’s big cash for the big game!

So in this years aftermath of what was one of the most uneventful and uninteresting Super Bowl’s of all time…let’s take a look at the commercials through out Super Bowl history that have really hit the mark.

We looked at a bunch of factors in choosing our Top 10 including immediate impact, creativity, YouTube views, brand recognition (if you can remember the ad but not the brand it doesn’t make the cut) and longevity.

Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

10. Cindy Crawford for Pepsi (1992)

9.”The Showdown” – Bird vs. Jordan McDonald’s ad (1993)

8.Frog “Bud” “weis” “er” Commercial (1995)

7.Terry Tate for Reebok (2000)

6.”Wassup” Budweiser (2000)

5.Snickers, “Playing Like Betty White” (2010)

4.The Man Your Man Could Smell Like for Old Spice (2010)

3.Honda: Ferris Bueller (2012)

2.Doritos Goat for Sale (2013)

1.Coca Cola’s “America the Beautiful” (2014)


Alright, that’s our Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials. There were tons of commercials that made our final cut…but just like on Google SEO 1st page results…only the top 10 can make the list.