Xavier Serrano

Xavier is a Web Designer and Developer who graduated in 2015 from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a Bachelors of Science in Web and Interactive Media Design. He has been involved with computer sciences and design since the age of 15. In High School he enrolled in a three year computer science program where he was first introduced into the world of computer sciences learning about databases, programming and design, while he was also learning about computers by breaking and fixing his home computer. The high school program got him involved with programming languages such as qBasic, Visual Basic and Actionscript as well as SQL and design software. Today he specializes in PHP, HTML, CSS, XML and Javascript. As a developer he understand the need of keeping up with the industry by staying up to date with new technologies. He has delved into the world of iOS, Brightscript and other programming languages. In the past he has worked for an advertisement agency as the only web developer as well as perform freelance work. During his career he has been able to learn how to manage server through command line giving him the ability to maintain servers. After a few years of working in the field he decided to go back to school and has recently graduated from the Miami International University of Art & Design with a Masters of Arts in Design and Media Management.