Gonzalo Montes de Oca

Trained since the age of 6 in the visual arts and studying at institutions such as New World School of the Arts in Miami and School of Visual Arts in NYC, Gonzalo refined his skills and received valuable exposure to the great talents and all the inspiration that these two metropolitan cities have to offer. Gonzalo is an award-winning designer with 18 years of experience in web/print design and corporate identity.

As a designer of internet sites and interactive media, Gonzalo has managed and designed for many high-profile clients such as AT&T, Ford, Visa International, FP&L, Sony Latin America, Dell Computers and many more.  He has also worked on development and retail industry web and mobile app projects for clients such as The Whitman Family Group, Bal Harbour Shops, St. Joes, Arvida, The Ambassador Group and others.

Working with a variety of clients throughout the years has helped Gonzalo develop an approach that facilitates the exchange of ideas and expertise, and allows for the delivery of web-based and multimedia projects on a timely basis and within your budget.

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