Google “Pigeon” Update


On July 24, there has been a newsworthy rumor that Google quietly made a few alterations to its local ranking algorithm, christened “Pigeon Update” by online marketing newsroom Search Engine Land (SEL) as compensation due to the lack of official names by the search engine.

The new algorithm was said to provide more relevant and accurate local SEO services and results with closer ties to traditional web search engine ranking signals. In addition to search features like Knowledge Graph, spelling corrections, and better synonyms, it also improves several distance and location parameters all the while.

While the changes will be visible within Google Maps and Google Web search results, these core local SEO behind-the-scenes changes have created a debate within the community about its impact on its website referrals.

Despite the “Pigeon” update’s rolling out for U.S. English results and its eventual goal to expand its results and relevant experience for local searchers, the search engine giant has yet to share details about expanding the update to other countries and languages. In addition, Google has yet to comment on the impacted search queries by the algorithm, or if other spam algorithms were enhanced.

According to its report —as published with Search Engine Land—, the effects would make local search more Google’s search engine results closely mimic other traditional organic rankings.

As an example of the overhaul, Search Media Engine has reported that the Google Local “7 Pack”, a collection of search engine results that lists seven locations with links to Google Maps, has been missing from many search engine changes. This conjectures that at least 60 percent have suffered a decline on July 23, in comparison to One-Box or Carrousels.

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