5 Ways to Improve Your PPC Quality Score ASAP

Given our 10 years helping clients create outstanding PPC campaigns, we at Rand Marketing understand that one of the best things you can do for your pay per click campaign is to increase your quality score.

When you do so, you reduce the cost of your PPC campaign and directly increase the ROI on it.

Here are five ways that you can improve both your PPC quality score and your overall campaign.

1. Target Your Campaigns to the Most Relevant Keywords

While you want to maximize the amount of traffic your Google Adwords campaigns generate, you should limit your campaigns to only the most relevant keywords to your landing pages.

Doing so will increase your quality score, which in turn will decrease your cost.

To determine what your most relevant keywords are, run your landing page through a tool like Google’s keyword tool. If you come up with search phrases that aren’t relevant to your campaign, then add them to the negative keyword list.

2. Create Ad Groups

Section the keywords you use in your schedule PPC ads by theme. This will allow you to get a better understanding of what keywords contribute towards a more positive ROI, which in turn allows you to see which keywords work to produce the most efficient ads.

Doing this will increase the quality score of your ads.

3. Make Your Ads Flawless

Your ads need to have text that’s both relevant and sensible to your landing page.

In other words, ads that attempt to attract visitors for how to win the lottery using psychic abilities doesn’t necessarily make sense if the keywords you’re targeting are brand names for vacuum cleaners.

You may want to utilize dynamic keyword insertion in your ad titles and bodies to help keep your ads performing spectacularly while staying focused.

ppc quality score

4. Tweak Your Landing Page

The relatedness of the keywords in your campaigns and on your landing page directly correspond to how high your quality score is.

If your landing page doesn’t relate to your keywords, then now is the time to tweak it so that it does. Add in your keywords to the headers, title tags and body of your landing page to make it relate better.


5. Cut Your Losses

Part of the PPC process is knowing when to cut your losses. If a campaign isn’t working the way you want it to, then don’t be afraid to can it.

Remember that removing one campaign with poor performance frees up your marketing budget to test another two campaigns that may both be winners.